Tree Pose

A Brief Hiatus

Many changes are occurring for me, my family, and for MommYoga right now.

We have moved to a new home this week, as has our little studio. I am moving into a new stage of my pregnancy, and we are in production of a new MommYoga DVD. As a result, podcasts will be on a one-month hiatus during November.

But as a treat for our fans, and just in time for the early Christmas shoppers, all of our DVDs will be 20% off through the month of November, if purchased through our e-store. You will need a code to get this discount. In order to get our discount codes for our November Hiatus sale, just follow MommYoga on Twitter! Each day, we will “tweet” a different code! Just follow us on Twitter and wait for the code to be announced for your desired DVD!

Thank you for your understanding! Please visit our past podcasts page to continue doing MommYoga until we come back.