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Yoga for Runners

Yoga for Runners is a practice specially designed for runners who would like to strengthen as well as increase flexibility in the muscles and joints they use for running. Runners face a unique set of challenges, from runner’s knee to flat feet to plantar fasciitis. I understand that. When I first began running, I struggled with several painful issues. Yoga helped me to heal and strengthen my body, and has helped me to prevent further injury. The poses in this DVD can help to improve strength in your knees, legs, thighs, calves, and ankles. This will enable you to have greater power and strength in your muscles while running. The poses will also stretch and tone your hamstrings, arches, and legs, making you less likely to injure yourself.

This DVD is divided into 3 parts: A warm up section, the main practice, and a cool down section. You may do the warm up either before running, or before completing the rest of the practice. If you choose to go running after the warm up, you can simply skip ahead to the cool down section when you get back.

Runners like a challenge, so there are a few poses in this practice which you may find challenging, particularly if yoga is new to you. Do not be discouraged by the challenge, but, at the same time, do not force yourself beyond what you are ready to do. Listen to your body. It knows what it is ready for. Give yourself time, and modify the poses as necessary. You may wish to have a yoga strap or a hand towel nearby, as well as a chair and a yoga block or other sturdy item. Be sure to practice on a mat for stability.

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