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Yoga for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a glorious time. It is filled with excitement, anticipation, and change. It can also be a very difficult time, filled with anxiousness, illness, and pain. Ann understands both sides, having been through them many times herself.

Created for fellow mothers while half-way through her fifth pregnancy, Yoga for Pregnancy is a wonderful selection of yoga practices created by a loving mother who understands. There is an individual practice crafted specifically for each trimester, and the changes you are undergoing through each.

Included in these segments are also very helpful poses, techniques, and tips to help your body and mind prepare for labor and for giving birth. There is also a segment dedicated to helping those suffering from morning sickness, as well as one designed to help with backache and sciatica, which can both be so common and debilitating through pregnancy. Finally, there is a brief yoga sequence designed to help relax your body and quiet your mind before you go to bed.

1st Trimester – 29 minutes
2nd Trimester – 35 minutes
3rd Trimester – 31 minutes
Morning Sickness – 15 minutes
Back Pain and Sciatica – 20 minutes
Before Bed – 12 minutes

We wish you well in your pregnancy. Namaste.

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