Tree Pose

On Podcasting and Patience

You may have noticed that I’ve been gone from this page for several months. My monthly podcasts haven’t kept coming. I have felt a constant guilt about it. I love MommYoga. I love all of you.

But there are so many things going on at the moment, that if I were to do all of them, I would have to neglect the most important one of all: my little ones. And since they are what my life truly revolves around and they are everything to me, I can’t push them aside.  Those five little faces are what MommYoga is all about.

So, MommYoga will be back.  Actually, big things are coming this year. Yoga for Congo Women is growing.  Exciting things are happening with MommYoga.  My life is taking some incredible turns.

But I just need some time.  Time for them.

I ask for your patience until I’m back. I salute the light of life within you, my friends. Namaste.