Tree Pose


I find that my life is caught up in a season of change right now. So much is changing, in my heart, mind, and life.  It is interesting to feel this period of change come during this time of the year. It is striking just how much everything changes. Leaves, once green and lush, dry up, turn colors, and blow away. The air grows colder. Everything is more exposed. The change is often painful. It is hard to say good-bye to summer loveliness, knowing that after this brief period of change, a long winter is coming.

So why is it that I love this season of change so very much? Could it be that the seasons of change in our lives are the most glorious, as well?

I believe so.

It is only by going through those changing periods, at times painful, cold, and stark, that we become the beauty that is waiting underneath. Something about the change and the cold can help to bring out the very best, the most lovely, within each of us, if we let it. I am truly grateful for the glorious changing seasons, both on our lovely earth, and in our lives. I hope you will enjoy this series, as we explore change in our minds and bodies, by slightly changing some familiar yoga postures. Namaste.

PS – If you think you are noticing a “change” in my body as well, you are right.